do you have space available?

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A truly effective and impactful education program focuses on more than just academic knowledge.  Children are encouraged to develop and enhance their individual talents through a variety of programs offered at SDS.  Students are happiest and perform at their highest potentials when they are given the freedom to play, create, and explore.  We honor these necessities by offering a wide variety of opportunities including our junior athletes program, competitive sports (click here), Student Council, choir, orchestra, drama club, yearbook staff, robotics club, California Junior Scholarship Federation, our school garden, various service activities, and more!

do you have before-school and after-school care?

What are your class sizes / ratio of students to teachers?

do you offer financial assistance?

Do you have before-school and after-school care?  Yes!  The SDS Extension Program offers quality and affordable before and after school care for students currently enrolled in grades K-8.  The before-school program begins at 6:30 a.m, and the after-school program ends at 6:00 p.m.  This program offers activities and services in a Christian environment, complementary to the mission and philosophy of our school and families.

There are several options available to serve the needs of our families.  Students may utilize this program before-school only, after-school only, both before and after school, or on a drop-in basis.

Programs offered through Extension include: homework support, outdoor play, daily enrichment activities, morning and afternoon snacks, educational games, art and music.

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do we have to be catholic to attend sds?

We welcome students of all faiths, with the understanding that SDS is a community of faith built on the values, beliefs, and traditions of Catholic education.  We strive to create an atmosphere of meaningful learning where the gospel message, community service, and worship may be nurtured and brought to fruition.  Each morning begins with prayer.  The staff and student body pray and celebrate the Sacraments as a community of faith during monthly liturgies.  Teachers incorporate Catholic values into the daily learning experience, using each teachable moment to facilitate intellectual growth and faith formation.  We promote in our students a spirit of generosity that reaches out to those in need.  Throughout the year, all students are expected to contribute their time and service to charitable causes in the local community.  By performing God’s corporal works of mercy, they gain a deeper understanding of the human community and a greater respect for every member of God’s kingdom on earth.

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How do I APPLY?

Our school office has the most up-to-date information on our class availability.  Please call us for more information:  707-745-1266 

We have been operating safely, in-person, since early October 2020. 

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Are SDS students attending class in-person during the pandemic?  

In addition to discounted tuition offered to multi-child families, financial aid is determined for those in need through FACTS, a third party administrator which confidentially handles financial aid for all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sacramento.  Families apply directly to FACTS online, and the company notifies the school principal of a suggested amount of assistance for each eligible family.  SDS has awarded $45,000 in tuition aid to families for the 2019-20 school year.

Families who have a student new to SDS are also eligible for funding through a local foundation, The BASIC Fund.  Families apply directly to The BASIC Fund at  Awards are based on financial need demonstrated by placement on an annual income scale.  The foundation will notify the school principal of the amount of assistance (up to $2,000 per student) for which a student may be eligible.

please tell me more about your kindergarten program. 

Most classes accommodate up to 38 students per class, with a dedicated teacher and aide, in addition to our resource faculty and enrichment teachers (music, Spanish, physical education) and additional teachers for middle school students (math, science, and shared teachers for core subjects).  Our student/teacher ratios are 19/1 or less. 

Our kinders attend class for the full school day (from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on regularly scheduled days).  Each kinder belongs to a "Faith Family," consisting of a student from every grade.  This tradition gives our kinders a built-in support system and friends in every grade.  In particular, the relationship the kinders have with their special "8th Grade Buddies" gives each kinder an 8th grader who looks out for them and guides them throughout the year.  Our 8th graders benefit by taking on a leadership role and learning the responsibility of caring for younger ones.  Our kinders enjoy enrichment classes such as music, Spanish, and physical education, in addition to reading, writing, science, math, and art projects. 

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