St. Dominic School PTG Board Members
for the 2020-21 school year:

​​Principal  ~ Katie Perata                                      

President ~ John Kelly                                         
Vice President ~ Mike Jacobs                            
Treasurer ~ Jennifer Reisinger                            
Secretary ~  Celeste Cary                                   
Room Parent Coordinator ~ Loryn Amso      

Advancement Director ~ Janet Roberson      

Loryn Amso      

Tanya Sanchez 

Emily Candela               

​Holly Moore     

Jean Maskell     

​Jill Haeni            

Stacey Lorica     

If you want a voice in what happens as a family member of St. Dominic School, then the PTG is for you.  One of PTG's primary goals is to assist the faculty and staff so they have what they need to better equip our children for the future through our fundraising efforts.

We'll be glad to get you started, space permitting.  Please contact Miss Perata for more information.