What's the best way to stay informed?

Can I read the meeting minutes?

Why are we constantly fundraising?

Read the weekly school newsletters online; these are sent to parents via email each Wednesday and can be found on the SchoolSpeak site.  Be sure to read the email updates sent by your room moms, or reach out to our Room Mom Coordinator ("Board Info") for the latest news.

We have many tasks that need attention outside of school hours!  Hours of planning go into each of our events.  Can you help with email communication to coordinate the moving parts behind an event?  Are you free before or after an event to set-up/clean-up?  Can you offer your marketing/online/website/photo-editing/design talents?

Our school garden project (brand new!), mentor program (match families new to SDS with existing families), alumni outreach (let's host a homecoming!)...what ideas do you have?   Click here for additional ideas. 

What projects need help right now? 

I have a great fundraising idea!

How do I get more involved?

If you are interested in attending our PTG meetings, please contact Miss Perata for more information (kperata@sdbenicia.org).  We are always looking for motivated people to join our team!  Miss Perata will be able to answer your questions and discuss potential board membership.

This site shows a variety of events and activities that can use your help.  Your time spent helping us with fundraising is eligible for service hours!  Maybe you're not available during the day due to work?  Many hours can be earned behind the scenes to prepare for our events.  Please fill out our "Contact Us" page to reach one of our board members who can help find a way for you to get involved.  For student service hour information, click here.

How can I earn service hours?

Can I attend PTG meetings?

Did you know our tuition only covers approximately 80% of the costs to run our school?  Without fundraising our tuition would increase significantly.  Click here to see where the funds we raise are spent and for more fundraising information. 

We need volunteers to fill leadership roles and support roles.  Would you like to chair an event?  Do you have a special talent or connection that can help our fundraising efforts?  Please click around our site to find ideas and let us know how you would like to plug in!  Visit our "Board Info" page and reach out to any of us on the board, or click on "Contact Us" and we will get back to you.  Would you like to attend our monthly PTG meetings?  If so, please contact Miss Perata for more information (kperata@sdbenicia.org).  We need your help and look forward to working with you!

Please email Miss Perata and our Board Secretary (click on "Board Info" for the most up-to-date list of members) to request a copy of the minutes; please specify which meeting you would like to review.

How can I help if I work full-time?

Great, we'd love your help!  Simply click on "Contact Us" and let us know how to follow-up with you.