Free Dress allows our students to wear clothing other than their uniforms.  Please click here for the Free Dress Guidelines.  You can also find the guidelines in the Parent/Student Handbook by signing on to SchoolSpeak and searching under "School Forms."  The preschool follows a different calendar for free dress days, so please check with the preschool office before sending your student to school in free dress.

what is a "free dress" day?

Read the weekly school newsletters online; these are sent to parents via email each Wednesday and can be found on the SchoolSpeak site.  Not receiving the weekly newsletters?  Please contact the front office to be added to the list.  Be sure to read the email updates sent by your Room Parents, or reach out to our Room Mom Coordinator ("Board Info") for the latest news.

how do i buy uniforms?

Click here to see a list of our events.  You can also click here for our Events page or find Events in our menu bar at the top of the page.  We hope you join us!

Our school offers "ChoiceLunch," a service that offers wholesome, delicious meals with fresh ingredients for our K-8 students (the preschool does not offer hot lunch).  Click here for more information

How can I earn service hours?

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How do I get more involved?

what is "facts?"

where can i find schoolspeak, the calendar, event information, and other links?

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You can find the school's policies and guidelines by searching in SchoolSpeak under "School Forms."  The manual is for school families only.

What is "scrip?"

what are "faith families?"

Tell me more about upcoming events!

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Please visit our PTG FAQs page for more information about getting involved and helping to keep our tuition costs down.

FACTS is our school tuition management program.  For information on how to pay your tuition and other financial questions, please contact Mrs. Cillo at the school office (707-745-1266).

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what are the requirements for student service hours?

What is the lunch program all about?

To encourage our students to get to know each other better and mentor each other, we have a program called Faith Families.  Students are grouped into a school family led by an Eighth Grader and filled with other students, one from each grade.  Kindergartners become the newest members of our Faith Families at the beginning of each school year.   This wonderful program develops confidence and belonging in our younger students, and responsibility and leadership in our older students.  Although our preschoolers do not join Faith Families until kindergarten, they interact with our "big school" students by attending school-wide mass services, occasionally visiting the big school for special events, and enjoying guests from the big school who visit the preschool.

what is schoolspeak?

Scrip is simply using gift cards where you are already shopping.  By using gift cards purchased through the school office, SDS receives a portion of the money you spend, which benefits our students!  Each family is required to spend $1,000 each year with scrip cards, which can easily be met at your favorite grocery store, gas station, and other retailers.  In addition to your own purchases, please consider scrip as a great idea for gifts that support our school!  If you prefer not to use scrip, you can pay the buy-out fee of $150 instead.  Please visit SchoolSpeak > School Forms > 2018 Scrip Order Form to see the retailers that offer this benefit.  Thank you for supporting our school!

what is "extension?"

where can i find a copy of the school handbook?

Our Extension Program offers quality and affordable before and after school care for our students.  The program begins at 6:30 a.m. and extends until 6:00 p.m.  (For preschool, the program begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.)  Your students will be in a safe, onsite environment, while participating in fun activities!  For more details, please contact our Extension Director, Mrs. Mavros, at

We hope this page can answer some of your questions.  Your Room Parents can be a great resource, too!  Click here for the list of Room Parents.  Your Room Parents are available to answer any questions you may have!  You can also contact the school office at (707) 745-1266.

SchoolSpeak is our school "intranet" where you can find the weekly newsletters, announcements from your teachers, homework information, school forms, and other important data.  You will need a user name and password to access SchoolSpeak.  Please contact the school office (707-745-1266) to obtain your login information.

We need volunteers to fill leadership roles and support roles.  Would you like to chair an event?  Do you have a special talent or connection that can help our fundraising efforts?  Please click around our site to find ideas and let us know how you would like to plug in!  Visit our "Board Info" page and reach out to any of us on the board, or click on "Contact Us" and we will get back to you.  Would you like to attend our monthly PTG meetings?  If so, please contact Miss Perata for more information (  We need your help and look forward to working with you!

Click here for our Helpful Links or find Helpful Links in our menu bar at the top of the page.  Some items, such as our handbook and our calendars, can only be viewed by school families who sign onto the SchoolSpeak site.  

As responsible citizens, SDS students are expected to show a commitment to volunteerism and public service.  Our middle school students are required to fulfill service hours for the school, the parish, and the community.  Click here for specific information and a service hour record sheet.

This site shows a variety of events and activities that can use your help.  Your time spent helping us with fundraising is eligible for service hours!  Maybe you're not available during the day due to work?  Many hours can be earned behind the scenes to prepare for our events.  Please fill out our "Contact Us" page to reach one of our PTG board members who can help find a way for you to get involved.  For student service hours, click here.

For dress uniforms, click here for Dennis uniforms.  For P.E. uniforms, click here.  For jackets and other school spirit gear, click here.  For information about uniform requirements, please reference our handbook by searching in SchoolSpeak under "School Forms."  (Preschoolers may wear P.E. uniforms or a dress uniform consisting of white collared shirts and navy or khaki pants, skirts, or dresses.  Please contact the preschool office for more information on the preschool uniforms ~ (707) 745-4430.)  We also have a brand new uniform exchange!  Please click here for uniform exchange info.