All of our judges have STEM backgrounds.

Many of our judges have careers that leverage their experience and education, such as mechanical engineers, software engineers, medical professionals, oil and gas professionals, math and science teachers, and positions in other scientific fields.  We have also included students from St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School on our judging panel.  
The judges will evaluate each project based on a defined rubric.  The rubric assesses how well the students followed the scientific method to reach their conclusions.  Students are also evaluated on their presentations and how well they articulated their experimental process.


If you are interested in supporting the science fair and our future scientists, please contact Christine Morrison at cmsouza914@gmail.com.

We are recruiting judges from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields to judge our middle school science projects in future competitions.  We are looking for field experts (who do not have a child enrolled in grades 6-8) from our school, parish, and community!  Judges will be on a team evaluating middle school level projects for our Science Fair.   

who are the 2020 judges?