In addition to discounted tuition offered to multi-child families, financial aid is determined for those in need through FACTS, a third-party administrator which confidentially handles financial aid for all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sacramento.  Families apply directly to FACTS online, and the company notifies the school principal of a suggested amount of assistance for each eligible family.  SDS has awarded $45,000 in tuition aid to families for the 2020-21 school year. 

Families who have a student new to SDS are also eligible for funding through a local foundation, The BASIC Fund.  Families apply directly to The BASIC Fund at  Awards are based on financial need demonstrated by placement on an annual income scale.  The foundation will notify the school principal of the amount of assistance (up to $2,000 per student) for which a student may be eligible.


Our goal is to work with you to provide your child(ren) with a quality Catholic education.  Because each family's financial situation is unique, we would like an opportunity to discuss our tuition costs with you, based on your needs.  Please contact our principal, Ms. Perata, to learn more about our tuition rates, by emailing her at